Shower gel + Scrub ( Kiwi)

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Riyoherbs shower gel is a 2 in 1 body wash and body scrub which cleanses and exfoliates the skin. This shower gel is a unique blend of natural extracts that nourish skin and leaves behind a gentle refreshing fragrance. It moisturises and exfoliates for softer and smoother skin, heals dryness as well. It is a completely chemical free,sulphate free formula to give your skin best care in all seasons. key ingredients Vitamin E, Kiwi fruit extract, Jojoba oil, Chamomilla Recutita Ext.

* A unique 2 in 1 body wash which works as a body scrub and body wash both.
* Kiwi seeds gently exfoliates & deeply cleanses leaving fresh, moisturised skin
* Enriched with the goodness of vitamin C & nutrients that suit all skin types.
* leaves skin softer, smoother & heals dryness making skin glowy & healthier.
* Soothing aroma of kiwi relaxes your muscles meanwhile keeps you energetic all day.
*As a Shower Gel:-Take a small amount of the gelonto a loofah and gently massage on your skin and generate soft lather. Rinse off thoroughly with water.
*As a Scrub:-Rinse body with water.Take a small amount of the scrub onto your palms and apply on damp skin. Massage gently in a circular motion. Concentrate more on dry areas like knees, heels, and elbows. Rinse off thoroughly with water.
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