Types of Toner to Help You Get That Glass Skin

Types of Toner to Help You Get That Glass Skin

As per skin experts, your daily skin-care routine must consist of cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. Even so, many of us believe that toner is only meant for cleansing the skin, which is more or less done by a good face cleanser. Well, allow us to release this misconception when we tell you that the primary function is to balance the pH level of every skin type while also removing even the smallest traces of make-up or dirt from your face.

There are different types of toners available in the market to suit all kinds of skin. It is important to know your skin to buy the toner that's best for you. In this article, we shall thus, learn about the main kinds of toners for the most common skin types.

What is toner?

A toner is simply a water-based formula that targets a particular skin type for quick replenishment. Also known as tonics, the benefit of a good quality toner is to balance your skin's pH by clearing all impurities.

Understand the Types of Toners

On a basic level, there are mainly three types of toners which are scientifically prepared to suit different skin types – normal, dry, oil, and combination. Thus, it is important to learn about various types of toners to get your hands on the best one.

We shall discuss the same below.

  • Hydrating Toners for dry skin – The most basic toner available in the market, hydrating tonics are suitable for almost all kinds of skin types. However, hydrating toner for dry skin is in high demand these days since it contains hyaluronic acid or glycerine, which primarily boosts the skin's pH level. Rose toner for the face is a good example of hydrating toners.


  • Exfoliating Toners for normal, combination and oily skin – This category of toners contains fruit enzymes or hydroxy acid, which accentuates the process of skin cleansing. Usually referred to as a pore clarifying toner, this one gently removes dead cells from skin’s first layer. Since it is an oil control tonic, it works magically on people with oily skin. However, it can have equal effects on the combination and normal skin as well. It removes dullness and flakiness from the skin, thus, giving it a natural glow.


  • Treatment Toners to solve targeted skin problems - these toners are used to solve skin issues. Due to many plant extracts such as chamomile and antioxidants, treatment toners are formulated to deal with skin problems like aging wrinkles, fine lines, acne, scars, excess oil, etc.


Now that you are aware of the benefits of a good quality toner, we suggest you begin your search for the most suitable one for your skin. It is advised to contact your dermatologist, get your skin type tested, and then, buy a toner, or you might have to suffer certain skin issues such as red spots, itchiness, or irritation. So, listen to your doctor, be kind to yourself, and start your skin-care routine today to get that glistening glass skin!


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