Reusable Makeup Remover Pad

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Riyoherbs reusable makeup remover pad is made with very soft tiny fibres that helps to pull off your makeup & dirt in one go. It can be washed off and reused for over 200 times by replacing synthetic makeup wipes. It is suitable for any kind of makeup and suits all skin types.

How To Use?
Wet the riyoherbs makeup remover pad and gently rub on your face, eyes, neck to pull out makeup effectively. Wash it off with water after use.

Why Choose Riyoherbs Reusable Makeup Remover Pad??
* Pulls off makeup and dirt effectively & quickly without leaving any residues.
* Its very high quality, soft tiny fibres makes it too gentle on your skin and suitable for all skin types.
* Leaves your skin Crystal clear after use.
* Machine washable and reusable for over 200 times.
* Antibacterial and eco-friendly.

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