Oil Control Day Care Gift Box

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Riyoherbs Lip Balm is a blend of all rich & natural essential oils and butters that helps in lightening and moisturising tanned and pigmented dark areas of lips. It provides a protective yet hydrating shell to your lips and makes you feel soft and supple all day.

Riyoherbs oil control facewash is a natural  formula which deeply cleanses the skin & leaves skin soft, supple and has a soothing effect. It has tea tree oil, neem extract ,aloe vera extract which clears up blemishes without irritation ,removes excess oil. Salicylic acid helps maintain a flawless skin preventing acne. 

Sun Protection Cream is one of those product that our skin requires  to protect itself from the harmful UVA & UVB RAYS, be it in any season. Riyo Herbs Sun Protection SPF50 is a light weight & non greasy advance formula which is suitable for all skin types. Natural Extracts like cucumber, aloe vera, saffron, jojoba oil makes it suitable for sensitive and acne prone skin too. Use SPF on a daily basis to avoid tanning and skin damage caused due to harmful sun rays.

Riyoherbs Oil Control Moisturizer is a gel based formula which moisturizes the skin leaving it well nourished & non-sticky. Glycolic acid, Allantoin, Vitamin-E makes skin healthy by locking moisture of the skin. Tea Tree and Salicylic acid helps in healing acne & breakouts.

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